Officiating and Coaching

Paper Code: 
PHE - 502
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Unit I: 

1. Definition and importance of officiating.
2. Principles of officiating.
3. Duties an official

Unit II: 
Quality of Official

1. Qualities of a good official.
2. Suggestion for improving the standard of officiating
3. Officials for athletics and other major games and their responsibilities

Unit III: 

1. Meaning and definition of coaching.
2. Importance of coaching
3. Principles of coaching
4. Qualities of a good coach
5. Duties of a coach

Unit IV: 

1. Meaning and definition of training
2. Types of training
3. Principles of sports training
4. Factors affecting training

Unit V: 

1. Demonstration and analysis of skills.
2. Criteria of Selection of players.
3. Principles of offence and defence.
4. Training schedules.
5. Requisites of a champion

Essential Readings: 

1. Dr. P.D. Sharma: Officiating and Coaching, A.P. Publishers, 19, Books, Market, Chowk Adda, Jalendher.
2. Singh Hardayal – Sports Training General Theory and Practice NSNIS Publication Patiala, 1984.


1. Clair Bee and Ken Norton: The Science of Coaching: Second Edition, The Ronald Press Company, New York 1959.
2. James B. Bonder: How to Be successful Coach, Prentice Hall, INC, Englewood Cluffs N.J.

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