Foundations of Physical Education – (Part-II)

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PHE - 202
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Unit I: 
Philosophical Foundation

1.1 Meaning of Philosophy

1.2 Philosophy and Science

1.3 Component of Philosophy

1.4 Importance of Philosophy in Physical Education

Unit II: 
Various Philosophy of Physical Education

2.1 Naturalism and Physical Education

2.2 Idealism and Physical Education

2.3 Pragmatism and Physical Education

2.4 Realism and Physical Education

Unit III: 
Physiological Foundation

3.1 General benefits of Exercise

3.2 Effect of Exercise to the various Systems

3.3 Basic concept of Second Wind, Oxygen Debt, Fatigue and Staleness

Unit IV: 
Sociological Foundation

4.1 Physical Education and Sports as a need of the Society

4.2 Sociological implication of Physical Education and Sports

4.3 Physical Activities and Sports as a Cultural Heritage

4.4 Social Recognition, Competition, Cooperation, Character Development through Physical Education

4.5 Role of Physical Education in promoting social values - Sympathy, Brotherhood, Cooperation, Tolerance, Helpfulness, Patience, Honest

Unit V: 
Leadership and Family

5.1 Leadership qualities and Importance of leader

5.2 Family-Meaning & its Functions

5.3 Role of Parents in childcare

5.4 Individual and Society

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