Test and Measurement

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PHE - 501
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Unit I: 

1.1. Meaning of Tests, Measurement and Evaluation

1.2. Need and Importance of Test and Measurement in Physical Education

1.3. Administration of Testing Programme

1.4. Objective and Subjective Tests

1.5. Criteria of Tests Selection

Unit II: 
Fundamentals of Statistics

2.1. Meaning and Importance of Statistics

2.2. Frequency Tables-Meaning, Construction and Uses

2.3. Measures of Central Tendency- Mean Mode and Medium, Quartile 1 Quartile 3, Percentile

Unit III: 
Test Evaluation and Construction

3.1. Graphical representation of Data-Meaning uses and Techniques

3.2. Measures of Variability – Range, Standard Deviation

3.3. Correlation, Normal Curve and its Properties

Unit IV: 
Measurement of Physical Fitness and Skill Performance

4.1. Fitness tests: AAHPER test, JCR test, Canadian fitness test, Copper test

4.2. Sports Skill Tests: Johnson Basketball Ability Test, SAI Goal Shooting test in Hockey, Brady test (Volleyball)

Unit V: 
Measurement of Physical Fitness and Skill Performance

5.1. Dimensions and Marking of Playfields- Handball, Cricket, Hockey and Badminton

5.2. Marking of Track & Field

Essential Readings: 

1. Dr. Abhey Kumar Shrivastava: Test and Measurement in Physical Education.

2. Neilson N.P.: An Elementary Course in Statistics Test and Measurement in Physical Education National Test Polo Athletic 1960


1. Clark H.H.: Application of Measure to Health.

2. Kamlesh-Sangral : Methods in Physical Education. Prakash Brothers, Ludhiana.

3. Verma J. P. Statistics in Physical Education

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