Test and Measurement

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phe 501
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Unit I: 



  1. 1  Meaning of Test, Measurement and Evaluation
  2. 2  Need and Importance of test and measurement in Physical Education
  3. 3  Administration of testing programme
  4. 4  Objective and Subjective tests
  5. 5   Criteria of Test Selection
Unit II: 
Fundamentals of Statistics

     2.1       Meaning and Importance of Statistics

    2.2       Frequency Tables - Meaning, Construction and Uses

    2.3       Measures of Central Tendency- Mean, Mode and Median, Quartile 1

             Quartile 3, Percentile

Unit III: 
Test Evaluation and Construction


3.1       Graphical Representation of Data - Meaning, Uses and Techniques

3.2       Measures of Variability – Range, Standard Deviatio

            3.3       Correlation, Normal Curve and its properties


Unit IV: 
Measurement of Physical Fitness and Skill Performance


  1. 1  Fitness Tests: AAHPER test, JCR test, Canadian fitness test, Copper test
  2. 2  Sports Skill Tests: Johnson Basketball ability test, SAI Goal Shooting test

(Hockey), Brady test (Volleyball)

Unit V: 
Dimensions and Marking of Playfields


5.1       Dimensions and marking of playfields:

i             i)          Handball

ii)         Cricket

iii)        Hockey

iv)        Badminton

         5.2       Marking of Track & field


Essential Readings: 
  1. Dr. Abhey Kumar Shrivastava: Test and Measurement in Physical Education.
  2. Neilson N.P.: An Elementary Course in Statistics Test and Measurement in Physical Education National Test Polo Athletic 1960.
  1. Clark H.H.: Application of Measure to Health.
  2. Kamlesh-Sangral : Methods in Physical Education. Prakash Brothers, Ludhiana.

      3.   Verma J. P. Statistics in Physical Education


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